2J go to Cleeve!

On Wednesday, 2J were lucky enough to join a multiskills festival of sport at Cleeve School, run by their Year 9 Sports Leaders! We had the BEST time and everyone tried hard and behaved incredibly! A true credit to the school. Well done!

Come fly with us!

In English we are learning to write recounts, but in order to do this , we need to have real life experiences to write about! So, today, we became aeroplane engineers AND pilots by creating, designing and flying our own paper aeroplanes.

Congratulations to our winners , who became pilots for the rest of the day!

We cannot WAIT to write our recounts about our day!

We like to share and group

In maths we have been exploring sharing and grouping to help us divide. When we share, we draw our circle and share our amount into the cirlces – like we would if we were sharing out sweets. When we group, we draw around the amount to find the groups. We then used this to help us write division sentences.

We noticed that whichever method we use, we will always get the same answer. It is always handy to have more than one method to help us!


Code me up Scotty!

Year 2 have continued their coding journey into the unknown with some serious BlueBot action! By predicting, writing and implementing algorithms, pupils have developed their understanding while also improving teamwork, communication and resilience skills! Oh, and also having a ton of fun fun fun!



In science, we are looking at animals including humans. We looked at similarities and differences between adults and babies of the same species, and then planned some questions we could ask about pregnancy, babies and toddlers.

On Monday, we were lucky enough to welcome five visitors to school who were able to answer our questions – three mums and two youngsters! Year 2 we SOOOOO polite and well behaved, and asked our visitors lots of sensible, thoughtful questions  – thanks for coming mums and well done Y2!

2J Forest School

It’s 2J’s turn for some Forest School action! Mr H took the children out for their first session, and it was fun with a capital F! It was a beautiful, brisk morning and the class showed loads of amazing skills – teamwork, communication and creativity. Bring on next week!

Computing – programming human robots!

We started our new programming unit by… becoming robots! Children created algorithms to direct each other round the classroom and began to understand the need for clearly sequenced, precise commands – otherwise they ended up walking into a wall! Fun times – this programming unit is going to be fab!


London’s burning… fetch the engines!

Today, we used our knowledge of mixing primary colours to create the back drop to our Great Fire of London sky! Can you believe that our masterpieces were made only using yellow, red, white and black?! We practised bleeding the colours into one another to create a more realistic background.

Look how effective our blazing backgrounds are!

Year 2 are artists!

In our first session of art week, we looked at colour! We learned difference between primary and secondary colours and observed how artists use colour in their work. After experimenting with this, we made our own colour wheels.

During our second session, we learned how to create different shades of blue by adding white or black to it. We realised that by using just three colours, we had created 7 shades of blue and if we had more time we could have been able to create more!

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